Literally Pune means Punyanagari or City of Virtue. During the early years of 17th century, the city has shown an all round development when Sivaji chose this city as his headquarters. From that date onwards, this city holds its traditions and moral etiquettes without a break.

Now the city is renowned for its excellent educational institutions and this city is often compared with the oxford city of London. Unlike the other cities, Pune prefers to be called as a centre of excellence in the field of education, arts and crafts. The institutions like the Armed Forces Medical College, Film and Television Institute of India, Symbiosis Educational Society and National Defense Academy have got international acclamation in their respective fields.

  • Average Climate: Summer: 22°C TO 41°C. Winter: 8°C TO 25°C. Rainfall: 650 To 700mm.
  • Languages: Marathi ( Main ) Hindi & English
  • Literacy: 71 % Population Literate.
  • Best time to Visit: Any Time Year Round
  • Geographical Location: Foothills of Sahyadri Mountains.
  • Local Transport: Auto rickshaws, municipal and private buses, rental cars and bicycles are available.

Booking available for: Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation(MTDC), Karnataka Tourism Development Corporation, Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation, Gujarath Tourism Development Corporation, Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation, Kerala Tourism Development Corporation, Kumaon Tourism Development Corporation.

A briefing about Pune would be incomplete if there is no rendering about Osho Commune International. A man of mysteries, Osho’s teachings and meditation techniques had tremendous influence on his disciples.

Pune has a thriving market. Major tycoons in the industrial and software field have already established their outlets in Pune.

Pune embodies a synthesis of the old and the novel, of the conventional and the contemporary, appealing old wadas and swanky malls. Enclosed by lush greenery and a wholesome climate, Pune is sure to generate an enduring intuition in every visitor’s mind.

Culture: As the cultural capital of Maharashtra, Pune upholds its traditional values and rich heritage. Though the city exhibits a typical Maharashtrian lifestyle with conventional norms, the spread of modern education has provided the city with a progressive stance. Cultural face of the city is not restricted to the narrow ambiance of religion and the festivals and fiestas in the city is marked with an overwhelming enthusiasm of the people that daub out all the barricades of religious and cultural differences.

Besides this grand fiesta, the city is renowned for the celebration of other colourful festivals like Sawai Gandharva festival, Ganesh Chaturthi, Chaturshringi festival, Osho festivals. Another aspect that needs a special mention is the enormous facilities in the field of Yoga and meditation. For the past few decades, Pune has been accredited as a great centre of yoga and allied activities, which attracts foreign and native tourists alike.

Shopping: If shopping were your passion, Pune would be the ideal location for you. This city with its tremendous shopping malls and local markets unfurls an array of assorted artifacts, ranging from the traditional handicrafts to the sophisticated version of electronic goods.

If you are not so particular in purchasing something and want to have a glance of each and everything that are available, Laxmi Road market would be the apt place for you. Shops in the Tulsi Baug area offer conventional Maharashtrian goods, cosmetics and cookery items. This place would fetch you with the finest beauty kits, ornaments and other gift articles.