In our practice we use state of the art technology. Our facility incorporates modern, clean and sterile equipment.

Hygiene Protocol

At Saroj Dental Care we are committed to the safety of not only our patients, but also the Doctors and the dental assistants working in the clinic.We strongly believe that one who cannot take care of himself cannot provide good care to others. So the hygiene protocol begins with one's own self.

  • The dental chair and the unit are kept clean at any given point of time. The dental unit is disinfected between patients and all the frequently touched surfaces of the dental unit are covered with disposable food grade cling foil plastic film.
  • Every patient uses disposable glass and the suction tips used to suck water and saliva from the mouth is also one time “use and throw”
  • The digital x-ray requires placing a sensor in the mouth. The sensor is neither sterilizable nor disposable so they are placed in plastic pouches before placing in the mouth and the cover disposed after one use. Similar procedure is adopted for the intraoral camera.
  • Chair has anti retraction valve preventing water or oral fluids to go back to internal system and thus prevent cross infection.

Instrument Sterilization

Every instrument used in this clinic is either disposable or sterilized. The instruments to be sterilized follow a prescribed sequence before it is used again. The following steps are meticulously carried out:

  • The instruments are then scrubbed to clean the surfaces and fine grooves. All visible particles are removed at this stage.
  • The used instruments are first soaked in Sodium Hypochlorite solution as a primary disinfection. Sodium Hypochlorite is the best anti bacterial, anti viral solution which even kills HIV virus.
  • Even after thorough cleaning manually there is a possibility of fine debris clinging on to the instruments in crevices not visible to the naked eye. So the instruments are then kept in an ultrasonic bath for 10- 15 min. This removes even the slightest of particles predictably.
  • After they are cleaned, instruments are autoclaved and instruments which cannot be autoclaved are chemically sterilized.